Home Owners Insurance Rock Hill

Plus, 5 tips on what to look for when looking for a home owner’s policy

If you are seeking home owners insurance in Rock Hill SC and need the right coverage at the right price, then Carolinas Insurance & Investment Group is the insurance company to talk to.

With us as your home owner insurance providers you get variety, options, savings, and personalized service. Your needs are unique to you, so one of our professionals will discuss your home, and all the surrounding matters with you, and then go out to the marketplace to see which insurers can offer you the best dwelling insurance option. Once attained, you will be briefed on what each policy entails (if two or more policies possibly fit), and give you the option to choose.

Of course, if you have a multi-line policy through Carolinas Insurance & Investment Group, you can save even more money. Speak to us about other places you can save as a result of owning policies through us.

When looking for house insurance, there are a few common things to keep in mind to help you make the best choice possible for your home.

1) Make sure you are fully covered – This involves covering your liability to others, the structure of your house, your belongings, and any living expenses you may need if forced to vacate the premises.

2) Take an inventory – Make a list of everything in your home and on your property you consider essential for coverage. Some people also take stills or video of their belongings as well.

3) Understand the claims’ policy – Execution of a policy that looks similar to another may actually be handled very differently. Know how any prospective policy’s procedures are, and make sure you understand how they pay off.

4) Inflation – Keep pace with it by having your policy checked now to make sure that what was once insured for $120,000 wouldn’t now cost you $150,000 to replace, leaving you with $30,000 in out of pocket expenses before you consider living expenses.

5) Life changing event – If you’ve just been married, undergone a divorce, are a widow, a first time home owner, just added a new kid or one just moved out, be sure to have this information available so your policy will adapt to your changing life.

When looking for home owners insurance in Rock Hill SC or surrounding areas, make sure you have options when talking to an insurance professional. Your home insurance has to fit you right to properly protect you, your family, visitors, and your home.