What you need to know about business insurance and how we can help

Carolinas Insurance & Investment Group of Rock Hill SC is the largest business insurance provider in Lancaster County SC, Chester and York County counties, as well as Mecklenburg and the surrounding area. We understand choosing business insurance can be a daunting task.
Business insurance can include the following:
  • Property Insurance – insures against loss and/or damage to the business and its contents.
  • Casualty Insurance – Lumped together with property insurance provides for comprehensive coverage, and insures against loss or damage of your business.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance – Insures against property damage to your vehicles as well as damage caused by others to your vehicles.
  • Liability Insurance – Protects your business from lawsuits and/or negligence.
  • Workers Compensation Insurance – Insures your employees from on-the-job injuries.
  • Business Interruption Insurance – Insures against the loss or damage to the cash flow and profit of a business caused by the business being unable to operate because of an interruption.
  • Employee Benefits & Health Insurance –Generally offered as an incentive to attract the best employees.
  • Life and Disability Insurance – Protects the business against the death or disability of a key employee.
  • Or other insurance or scripted policies that speak to unique areas of your business.
Let Our Expert Staff Educate You About Making Business Insurance Decisions

Because of all the legal ramifications inherent in running and protecting a business, so many people feel like they have to become experts before they know how to properly choose the right business insurance or call someone they think they can trust. Our dedicated staff will help educate you to the point of that making a decision on how to insure your business becomes easy. We will listen intently regarding your needs, ask questions to get to know your company, its goals, and identify, perhaps, business insurance coverage for gaps you may not have considered.

Once we at the Carolinas Insurance & Investment Group understand your specific needs, we then independently go out to the market to secure coverage with the carrier, or carriers, that meet your needs.

Schedule a Business Insurance Policy Review Today

As your company grows or changes, make sure your business insurance policies are up to date. Insurance protects for the unknown, so do not wait until an emergency catches you off-guard. Contact one of our professionals at Carolinas Insurance and Investment Group today to schedule a policy review, or to discuss a new policy.

  • Business Continuation Planning & Buy-Sell Agreements: As a business owner, you have committed a great deal of time, hard work, and financial resources to building a successful business. Assuring your company’s future continued growth through business continuation planning and/or buy-sell agreements is a process Carolinas Insurance & Investment Group experts take to heart. Our knowledgeable risk management team will work with you to identify business continuity goals.

    As the business owner, do you plan to retire, continue to run the company full or part time, or sell the company? Do you want to gift your company to a son, daughter, or other family member? Is selling your business to a third party a viable option? What do you desire for your business should you become disabled or die unexpectedly. These are just a few of the important questions that need to be considered for optimal business succession planning. At CIIG, we will use our experience to help you consider every plausible scenario. Based on your objectives, we will custom create your business continuity plan.

    Carolinas Insurance & Investment Group wants to minimize your company risks by carefully planning for contingencies. Whether your business is a sole proprietor, partnership, LLC or corporation, CIIG’s personal and thorough approach assures that your business continuation objectives will be carried forth.

  • Key-Person Contracts: Peace of mind should be a more common occurrence in your business life. You have worked hard to create a sound business. You provide a desirable product or service. And you have valuable coworkers contributing to your company’s success. Making sure your company is protected in the event one of your top producers become disabled or dies unexpectedly, not only provides peace of mind, it is wise. Key-person, key-man, or key-employee coverage is designed to protect your business should the productivity of a top salesperson, executive or business owner be compromised.

    Carolinas Insurance & Investment Group understands the importance of minimizing undue risk in business. We will analyze the monetary values your key person brings to the company as well as any borrowed funds to determine the appropriate amount of key-person coverage. Our professional and experienced team is here to answer your questions. Please contact us for more information. Adding to your peace of mind is our priority.

  • Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation: When considering NQDC for an employee, knowing your options is helpful. Knowing which option will best serve your overall business goal is crucial. The experts at Carolinas Insurance & Investment Group thoroughly understand the nuances associated with NQDC. Whether your non-qualified deferred compensation plan is elective or non-elective, our team will guide you through the various NQDC plans, and help you determine which one will enable you to most successfully accomplish your objective.

    CIIG professionals are experienced with all aspects of non-qualified deferred compensation. If we can be of service, please contact us. We look forward to exploring which NQDC program is best suited for your business goals.

    NQDC Categories:

    Salary Reduction Arrangements
    Bonus Deferral Plans
    Top-Hat Plans or Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans (SERPs)
    Excess Benefit Plans