Benefits for your employees

Founded in 1990, Carolinas Insurance & Investment Group’s employee benefits team has become a leader in providing employee benefit plans for Rock Hill, SC and the Tri-County area. We specialize in employee benefit insurance programs for a broad scope of business organizations. Our team focuses on controlling employer health care costs, implementing benefit packages that address employee needs and service through dedicated customer service advocates.

At Carolina Insurance & Investment Group, we obtain the latest legislative updates to ensure our clients are kept up-to-date and compliant. Our service is personal, knowledgeable and ever changing to limit our client’s time managing their benefit plans.

Group Medical: Group Medical insurance coverage is often viewed as a luxury. CIIG knows how the rising cost of healthcare can be a hardship for employers, especially when trying to keep overhead at a minimum. CIIG also knows how to circumvent hardship and make group medical a win-win for employers and employees. We have a long history of successfully working with business of all sizes, helping them determine which group medical plan meets their objective. With access to all of the largest insurance carriers in our region, we are confident we can help your business find a group medical plan for your employees; one that will be in line with your administrative goals and specific design needs.

Group Life: A Life Insurance plan speaks from the heart of your organization. Both Term and Permanent Life Insurance provide employees piece of mind knowing their loved ones will be provided for in their absence. Whether it is to maintain a standard of living, pay off debt, offset the cost of education, or be used as a retirement savings supplement, CIIG offers a variety of secure, affordable plans to meet each persons individual needs.

Group Voluntary Life: As an employer, you want to demonstrate the concern you have for your employees by offering a Group Life Insurance policy, however, you’re also concerned that the administrative costs of such a plan may be prohibitive. With Group Voluntary Life, you can provide for your employees without worry over how it will impact your overhead. Group Voluntary Life allows employees to choose the amount of coverage they desire based on their need and what they can afford. Employees may also choose to have premiums deducted from their paycheck reducing administrative costs. Options like these provide both employer and employee with peace of mind.

Group Dental: Group dental insurance is a valuable benefit to employees of all ages and stages of life helping them to more effectively manage dental costs. In keeping with today’s push for healthy living, CIIG offers several group dental plans with features appealing to employers.

Group Voluntary Vision: Providing employees with Group Voluntary Vision Insurance can be simple and affordable. While vision coverage may be viewed as a non-essential employee benefit, it is generally received with tremendous appreciation. AT CIIG we have several insurance carries offering voluntary employee-paid plans. We are happy to discuss plan options with you and determine the best plan for you.

Short-Term Disability: Off the job accidents and illnesses are unpredictable. Sometimes these unwelcome event’s will take a valuable employee out of your work force for a period of time. Short-Term Disability eases the stress of recovery by paying a percentage of the employees salary while they focus on healing. Coverage offers a variety of terms and options which can be customized to meet individual employer and employee needs. In more serious cases, Short-Term Disability can provide a secure financial bridge to Long-Term Disability Coverage.

Long-Term Disability: For most, the American dream is realized by a capacity to contribute to society. In the event of a serious injury or illness, that capacity may be diminished for an extended period of time. Long-Term Disability is designed to provide income over a long period of time while an employee recovers and prepares to return to work. Employers offering Long-Term Group Disability plans provide employees with a valuable safety net should they become disabled. As an employer who personally  cares about our employees, we understand this is a policy you hope you never need but are reassured by offering it in your benefits package.

FSA/HSA and HRA: Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA), Health Savings Accounts (HSA), and Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRA) have a common appeal. These types of accounts allow employees and dependents to pay for a variety of out of pocket expenses like medical, dental, vision and prescription expenses with pretax dollars. The freedom to choose any doctor and medical service is also attractive.  CIIG can help you determine if an FSA/HSA or HRA is a viable option for your employees, and, for your overall business benefit package.