Life Insurance for You & Your Family

At Carolinas Insurance & Investment Group in Rock Hill SC, we’re prepared for the unexpected, and we help individuals and families prepare for the unexpected as well by making sure they have the right life insurance policy at the best possible price.

We’ve been serving the life insurance needs of Rock Hill, Lancaster, Chester, Mecklenburg and York County SC and the surrounding area since 1990. Our dedicated staff works hard to understand the unique issues surrounding yours and your family’s life in order to design the right life insurance plan that meets the needs of those left behind.

It is never too early to consider purchasing life insurance. Life is full of unexpected turns. Unfortunate occurrences happen all the time – just listen to the news. No one wakes up and expects tragedy or bad news from the doctor after a yearly check up, or an accident to affect their lives, but one should be prepared nonetheless.

With this in mind, the life insurance needed to protect you may be different from your neighbor. What’s important is to take the time to understand who may be affected by you passing unexpectedly.

Since life insurance is different for everyone consider whether it may be important to insure you have these issues protected due to an untimely death:

1) Education for the kids – Life insurance can provide the monies needed to pay for upcoming children’s education whether it is K-12, college and post-graduate work.

2) Debt Repayment – Regardless of whether it is a first or second mortgage, credit card debt, student loans, or emergency funds, or any other kind of obligation– allow life insurance to absorb this burden.

3) Retirement – The money that you would have saved over the years with either single or joint income is negatively impacted by a death, so life insurance can provide a lump sum payment to replace the retirement income lost and assure that you have adequate savings to retire.

4) Income Replacement – Most dual income families need both incomes to meet their obligations. So in the event a bread winner dies, the replacement of their income is usually crucial for the surviving members of the family to continue their current lifestyle. Life insurance guards against that providing meaningful income replacement that your family can depend on to live as normally as possible while you heal. If the surviving member is a stay at home spouse, then the shock of having to immediately find employment to replace income will add to their suffering and stress, so life insurance as a replacement income tool will allow the family time to prepare for their future as income earners, or use the proceeds to replace the income lost from the death of their partner.

Of course, there is so much more to consider regarding life insurance in Rock Hill SC, Fort Mill SC, and the Tri-County SC area. If you would like professional assistance please call Carolinas Insurance & Investment Group now at 803-328-9988 and we’ll gladly guide you through this process.

  • Family Protection: At Carolina Insurance & Investment Group, we know it can be a bit uncomfortable to talk about life insurance. Thinking about our own death or that of a loved one is not something we like to spend much time contemplating. We also know that purchasing life insurance is important to your finances, your security, and your family’s future. Our highly skilled team will work closely with you in selecting a life insurance policy that will accommodate your lifestyle, finances, and personal considerations.Knowing how much and what type of life insurance you or your spouse need are dependent on so many factors such as: age of children; care of elderly parents; number of beneficiaries; and, perhaps, a desire to leave money to charitable organizations.CIIG will take time to explain the difference between the two basic types of life insurance: term and permanent life policies. Not only will we evaluate which option is right for you, we will provide you with the best value for your life insurance premium.Family Protection Coverage Options:

    Term Life
    Universal Life
    Variable Universal Life
    Whole Life/Term Blend

    Please contact us if you would like more information. We look forward to being of service and guiding you through this sensitive, yet very important, process.

  • Business Protection: Planning for the unexpected and unforeseen is our team of business protection specialists’ expertise. CIIG wants to make certain your company has a safety net securely in place protecting it from loss and undue risk. Business protection coverage is designed to protect your hard work and continued future growth should the unforeseen happen. Business coverage can include liability insurance (and product liability if applicable), property insurance, and business income insurance. Protecting your company from potential losses such as those incurred in the event of your or other key contributor’s untimely death is smart business.

    CIIG are experts in risk assessment. Our team works closely with your company to evaluate and identify all risk factors. Using our thorough analysis, we create a comprehensive protection package designed meet your company’s unique needs.

    We are committed to serving our clients well beyond a signed contract. Our relationship with your business is not complete without an annual risk assessment. We know your company will grow and change over time. Our professionals continually work to ensure that your business protection remains applicable. If we can be of service to your organization, please contact us. Minimizing your risk is our passion.

  • Collateral Assignments: Using a life insurance policy as security for a business loan falls into the category of collateral assignments. The lender holds policy ownership rights until the balance of the loan is paid. Once the loan is repaid, ownership reverts back to the assignor.

    CIIG works with businesses in arranging collateral assignments. Our knowledgeable team will guide you through the qualification process, making certain you understand the mechanics of your particular policy. Collateral assignments are not without some potential risk. However, the benefits they bring can have a very positive impact on your business’ ability to grow.

    Our team of collateral assignment experts is here to serve. We can help determine if a collateral assignment is right for you. Contact us if you would like more information.

  • Key-Person Contracts: Peace-of-mind should be a more common occurrence in your business life. You have worked hard to create a sound business. You provide a desirable product or service. And you have valuable coworkers contributing to your company’s success. Making sure your company is protected in the event one of your top producers become disabled or dies unexpectedly, not only provides peace-of-mind, it is wise. Key-person, key-man, or key-employee coverage is designed to protect your business should the productivity of a top salesperson, executive or business owner be compromised.

    CIIG understands the importance of minimizing undue risk in business. We will analyze the monetary values your key person brings to the company as well as any borrowed funds to determine the appropriate amount of key-person coverage. Our professional and experienced team is here to answer your questions. Adding to your peace-of-mind is our priority.

  • Buy-Sell Agreements: A properly funded buy-sell agreement can ensure a smooth transition of business ownership should you, as business owner, unexpectedly die or become disabled. As a successful business owner you have invested a great deal of personal time and resources in building your company. Carolinas Insurance & Investment Group is committed to delivering a buy-sell agreement plan that will address your specific concerns.

    CIIG professionals are experienced at insuring the life of your business. Protecting your years of hard work is one of our passions. We have seen first hand how important a proper buy-sell agreement is to the security of heirs and surviving business owners. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing you with the best plan options and excellent service. Please contact us if for more information. We look forward to exploring how a buy-sell agreement can bring you greater peace of mind.

  • Estate Conservation and Planning: Your estate is a representation of you, your family history, and your life’s work. Helping our clients plan a legacy of all they hold dear is a special honor; one CIIG treats with utmost respect. CIIG will help you design a plan that allows you to pay the least amount of taxes as possible on your property, while ensuring your property is passed to your designated beneficiaries with efficiency.