Seniors Medicare, Medicaid, Insurance & Estate Planning

For many Senior citizens who come to that point in their life when they need to apply for Medicare supplements and Medicare Part D it can be a confusing and overwhelming time and process. As important, considerations for long-term healthcare, retirement income, and preparation for change-of-ownership of a business you may own, have to be explored with a compassionate, knowledgeable and considerate professional.

The staff at Carolinas Insurance & Investment Group understands these issues you face having helped many people just like you before.

We know you need someone to talk to who will help you navigate this life progression, to help you understand your options and guide you through the process to make sure you receive the best assistance available to you within your means.

We begin by exploring your needs first before we look at any plans. The reason for this is we want to understand your state in life as well as your future goals. This allows us to go into the marketplace and find the best health insurance coverage, benefits, prescription plans, and investment vehicles to keep you moving forward in life toward those goals.

Once we at the Carolinas Insurance & Investment Group comprehend these needs, then we go out and look for the right recommendations to bring to you. Our focus is on your needs, and then products.

We work with a number of insurance carriers, such as Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina, American Republic, Humana, CIGNA, and Mutual of Omaha to locate the coverage that will fill what Medicare and government health insurance doesn’t. In looking at your Medicare Part D plan, we will research the lowest cost for you to defray huge out of pocket expenses you might incur. We want you to have the right medicine at the lowest possible price.

Regardless of your current health, we will also look at Long-term care options, as well as critical care ones, such as skilled facilities, in-home care, adult day care, assisted living facilities and more to help you plan for these if you are between the ages of 60-70 in case they are eventually needed. In-home day care can cost as much as $150 a day out of pocket, so it is best to consider insurance to help cover these in case they become inevitable. Our goal is to make sure you get the care you deserve at the best possible price, and our insurance professionals will help do just that.

Finally, we want to make sure you have the best estate planning available to insure the smooth and profitable future growth and distribution of your wealth. As well, if you own a business, and you are a senior, it is time, if you haven’t already, to think about business continuation planning, and how you will transition your business to the next owner. We will discuss your thoughts on this, set a plan, and get you in front of a tax attorney to spell out your long-term plans for your company.

Carolinas Insurance & Investment group cares for seniors.

Seniors are unique in many wonderful ways. Providing insurance options designed to fit their uniqueness only makes sense. CIIG has a long history of successfully providing our senior clients with thoughtful insurance benefits. The trust our senior clients place in us is our most valued compliment.

  • Medicare Supplements: A Medicare Supplement is designed to cover expenses not covered by Medicare. The right supplements such as Medicare Part A (hospital coverage), Medicare Part B (medical coverage) and Medicare Part D (prescription coverage) can fill potentially expensive gaps left by Medicare alone. Medicare Supplements can be confusing, costly, and, in some cases, not necessary. CIIG welcomes the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your coverage options and together learn which option is best for you.
  • Part D
  • Long Term Care: None of us want to envision our golden years as anything less than living with full independence. A healthy lifestyle and good genes can certainly weigh the odds in our favor but there is truly no guarantee. While the need for some form of long-term care in our retirement years is uncertain, the expenses from this type of care can devastate the best financial plan. CIIG wants you to always have the option of receiving the best medical care for as long as necessary without financial hardship. Our professional team of long-term care experts can assess your personal risk-benefit and help you reach a decision that is in your best interest.
  • Life: Life Insurance coverage in our senior years can look very different than it did when we were young. While providing for the needs of a growing family may no longer be a concern, a Life Insurance policy can still provide a meaningful benefit. Designating Life Insurance benefits to a charity, to cover debt and estate taxes, or, to provide college funding for grandchildren is indeed a thoughtful legacy. CIIG will help you explore the benefits of Life Insurance and how they may relate to your situation.
  • Retirement Plan Rollovers: You have played by the rules the majority of your life. Now, in your retirement, you want to live by your own rules and that probably goes for your investments too. Your retirement plan, if left in an employer sponsored account is subject to their rules. A Retirement Plan Rollover allows you to do a tax-free rollover, and gives you authority over your investment. Investment experts at CIIG can advise you on rollover options and provide you with a sound financial retirement plan – designed to play by your rules of course.
  • Guaranteed Investments: CIIG want to make sure your money continues to work hard for you in your retirement. We also want to limit any risk. Investing in equity, bonds, and/or index funds with a predefined minimum value is a viable option for many of our clients who seek flexible and secure options. The investment professionals at CIIG are here to help you explore Guaranteed Investments options and how they may enhance your financial portfolio.
  • Estate Conservation & Planning: Your estate is a representation of you, your family history, and your life’s work. Helping our clients plan a legacy of all they hold dear is a special honor; one CIIG treats with utmost regard. CIIG will help you design a plan that allows you to pay the least amount of taxes as possible on your property, while ensuring your property is passed to your designated beneficiaries with efficiency.